Psychopathic Behavior and its Devastating Effects on Society a New E. Workshop


Center of Research and Studies (Al-mabdaa) at Al-Iraqia University held an electronic workshop on psychopathic behavior and its devastating effects on society under Corona epidemic spread. The workshop in which Prof. Dr. Bilal Abdul Sattar Mula lectured on introducing this behavior and highlighted its features, causes, and types of psychopathic personality and what psychiatrists  so-called ; madness of burning, reasons for the increase in psychopathic behavior under conditions of curfew  and how effects social life and behaviors such as domestic violence, murders and suicide.

The workshop aimed at explaining the behavior of personality disorder and the most prominent psychological diseases to which it belongs, whether it is neuropsychiatric diseases or psychotic diseases, to find a therapy and control this behavior in an effort to stabilize the individual and society.


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