Innovation Management) a New Electronic Workshop in Al- Iraqia University

In cooperation with the Center for Development and Continuing Education, (Al-Mabdaa) Center for Research and Studies at Al- Iraqia University organized an electronic workshop on (Innovation Management) presented by the trainer Abdul Khaleq Hisham Youssef through FCC technology. The workshop included two axis the first approach includes innovation, which included how to learn? What is innovation? The second axis included business in innovation management, which included identifying the difference between creativity and innovation and reviewing the innovation approach model.

The workshop aimed to introduce the culture of innovation management by obtaining new ideas, By getting new ideas as a way to find new solutions to the challenges we face, it is the new means that includes thought, behavior, or divergent views and needs a deliberate organization process, which is represented in managing innovation and necessary actions To implement new ideas, and transfer them into modern innovative.

The workshop recommended creating a suitable environment & atmosphere , following a simple rule to stimulate the creation of ideas and contribute to innovation represented in “The best way to get an innovative idea is to have a lot of ideas , interest in individuals, and all ideas.