Al- Iraqia University Prepares to Complete the Electronic Exams for its Students


In implementation of the directives of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Research and Development on setting a mechanism for completing the preparatory year for 2019/2020 for graduate and elementary students, Al-Iraqia University Presidency directed to select a group of Academic  to train them by the ministerial team and participation to work on the (platform) for conducting graduate and undergraduate studies exams, supervised by Assistant President of Al Iraqia University for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Khamis Awad Zidan ; who directed all colleges to choose Academic  from each department and each college in cooperation with the Department of Computer, Internet and the Center for Continuing Education at the university, and keep following the ministerial directives to conduct electronic examinations accurately and successfully. Adding that the Iraqi University is keen to give the utmost importance and work at an accelerated pace to create the appropriate atmosphere for our students, and harnessing all capabilities to complete the studying  year in light of the current stage that our country is going through.

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