A Memorandum of Understanding Between University and Iraqi Martyrs Foundation


A delegation from the Presidency of Al Iraqia University, headed by Prof. Dr. Hassan Fadaleh Mousa Al-Tamimi Assistant Rectorof Al Iraqia University for Administrative Affairs, accompanied with number of Academic Staff, visited the headquarters of the Iraqi Martyrs Foundation in Jadriya on 19/5/2020.

The visit came to provide scientific sponsorship and finding facilities to accept the students of martyrs in higher studies and signing a memorandum of understanding between The University and Martyrs Foundation.

President of the Foundation, Mr. Kazem Owaid, reviewed the work of the Foundation and its services and care provided to its children from the families of martyrs of different age groups, in all fields, including field of education, which deprived many of the families of the martyrs from completing postgraduate studies because of the injustice  and unfair that befell them in the era of Baath gangs and their guilt from the terrorist organizations.

Mr. Awaid indicated among the most prominent duties to the institution and its endeavor to develop the academic level of martyrs families, who gave their lives in defense of land of Iraq and its people.In turn, Assistant Rector of Al Iraqia University for Administrative Affairs, stressed Al-Iraqia university’s endeavor and willingness to embrace its students, students of martyrs, and provide the necessary facilities to accept them in postgraduate studies and expanding the seats of the family of martyrs, As well as all academic levels for their development and making them leaders for the future.The meeting was attended by Mr. Tariq Al-Mandalawi, Director General of the Victims of War Operations, Military Errors and Terrorist Operations Department.


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