A New Virtual Symposium on Iraqi Women, Victim, Painstaking, Sustained

Under the auspices of the Assistant Rector for Administrative Affairs of Al-Iraqia University Professor Dr. Hassan Fadalah Musa Al-Tamimi, Law and Political Sciences College held an electronic symposium titled Iraqi Women, Victim, Painstaking, Sustained through (Zoom) Program, in presence of Deputy United Nations Representative, Dr. Karim Khan, and Dr. Salama Al-Khafaji, Deputy International Envoy for the Investigation of ISIS Crimes.

The symposium in which the lecture was attended by Dr. Bushra Hussein Saleh, in presenting the role of Iraqi women in Iraqi society, explaining their heroic sacrifices, supporting them alongside men in building Iraq, and defending against any brutal attacks. The symposium recommended to invite Ministry of Culture to produce and present dramatic works documenting the role of Iraqi women in the stage of ISIS terrorist attacks on the land of Iraq and its people.

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