Al Iraqia University Participates in An International Virtual Scientific Conference


Dr. Bushra Hussein Al-Hamdani Asst.Prof. at Center for Islamic Studies and Research at Al Iraqia University participated in International Virtual Scientific Conference of Al-Qadisiyah University through the application of (zoom )under the slogan (Our scientific research will not stop despite challenges).The conference, held in cooperation with the World Health Organization, where  number of axes were discussed, including the humanities, fine and applied arts, medical science and the e-learning axis.

The research, in which Al-Hamdani participated, discussed also the methods that must be followed to create a safe digital environment for e-learning, as well as the importance of securing data of the risks faced e-learning.

The research send a message to specialists in e-learning of the necessity of activating e-learning applications in Iraq and cope with the new stage the country and provide the best services to students to keep abreast of current technological developments in the world.

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