Reality of E-Learning in Graduate Studies a Workshop in College of Arts

College of Arts at Al- Iraqia University held its workshop named (The reality of e-learning in graduate studies, problems and solutions). The workshop was chaired by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Muthanna Naem Hammadi. The workshop was attended by heads of departments that (concerned with higher studies), Arabic language, Quranic sciences, history, and geography department.

The workshop included: Determining the reality of e-learning in graduate studies, the electronic experience, and the extent to which students benefit from electronic lectures.The aim of the workshop was to identify the problems experienced by students, especially in light of the weakness in Internet, and effective solutions that would deliver the materials to the maximum extent, by overcoming obstacles, finally the faculty members were directed to continue working and communicating  the scientific material to the students.

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