College of Medicine Publishes a Scientific Research in An International Journal

Asst. Prof.. Dr. Nadia Ghassan Abdel Kareem _ / Faculty of Medicine, University of Al Iraqia/ Clinical Biochemistry Branch ,Publishes a joint scientific research between Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Ministry of Health & Environment / Endocrinology and Diabetes Center under the title (Evaluation of Insulin Resistance According to the Obesity Grades in Iraqi non-diabetics adults) in the global magazine Biochemical and cellular Archives _2020; vol. 20 N, 1 (Issn 0972_5075)Within the Scopus Container.

*Research objective: Using laboratory analyzes of some biochemical indicators in the blood and measuring the body mass index to assess the extent of tissue resistance to insulin in adults without diabetes and with higher weights than normal, and to use the HOMA_IR model to show the relationship between obesity and insulin resistance.

The results of this research confirmed theories about the relationship between increased body weight and the emergence of metabolic syndrome, especially the development toward diabetes as well as early detection of the disease before they develop diabetes through determining insulin resistance accurately and easily using clinical applications, laboratory models and physical measurements.

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