International Scientific Journal Chooses a Professor From Al- Iraqia University

Prof. Dr. Saadoun Ahmed Ali , Department of Arabic Language at the College of Arts, Iraqi University, was chosen as a member of the advisory and scientific board of an international scientific journal.

The book of Annals of Arts and Languages ​​at the University of Mohamed Boudiaf in M’sila, Algeria, number 08/2020 on 4/5/2020, included the selection of  Dr. Saadoun Ahmed Ali Al-Rabai’y, Professor of Language and Grammar in Department of Arabic Language, as a member of the advisory and scientific body of the Annals of Literature and Languages The international scientific journal issued by the University of Mohamed Boudiaf, M’sila in Algeria.

This selection aims to enhance scientific cooperation and exchange of experiences between official Arab universities in the field of scientific arbitration and joint publication of Arabic language research in Arab countries. It is noteworthy that the Journal of Annals of Literature and Languages ​​in Algeria is an international scientific journal with a Arabic influence is waiting final approval to enter the Scopes Field that concerned only with language and literature.



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