College of Education (for Women) Runs a Seminar on Corona’s Crisis

Dean of College of Education for Women at Al Iraqia University, Prof. Dr. Qutaiba Abbas, led a seminar entitled ((Corona Crisis , Economic and Social Challenges))

The symposium included two axes, economic axis, in which Dr. Ahmed Yassin Abd, head of the Financial and Banking Sciences Department at College of Administration and Economics, discussed the importance of diversifying Iraqi income revenues, diversifying the economy and supporting the national product.

As for the second axis, it is social, in which Dr. Walid Abdel Khafaji, head of the Department of Sociology at College of Arts at Wasit University, addressed the positive and negative aspects of social repercussions of Corona Virus crisis. The seminar aims to set immediate and strategic remedies to get out of the economic repercussions of the Corona crisis, as well as to enhance the positive social side and address the negative aspects.

It is mentioned that the symposium was held by the National Elites and Competencies Foundation



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