Al Iraqia University Holds a lecture on Psychological Warfare and 19- COVID


Center of Research and Studies at Al- Iraqia University held an electronic lecture entitled Psychological War and Covid-19, with participation of specialized professors from Arab and international universities.

The lecture presented by Prof. Dr. Aysir Khalil Al-Obaidi included several themes from the workshop, including determining the psychological impact of the virus that parallels the physical effect and its impact on the psyche of people on the behavioral side and the collective direction in the sense of fear, and the effect of the rapid and sudden virus attack on the behavioral immune system, which strengthens the virus in its psychological warfare Widely.

The lecture showed the role of traditional and digital media in promoting a sense of collective panic at times and spreading the fear infection according to internationally known behavioral theories that are spreading in times of crisis, including the 19-COVID.

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