Al-Iraqia University Organizes a Scientific Symposium on (Zoonotic Bacterial Disease)

Department of Life Sciences in College of Education, in cooperation with the Technical Training Division at the university organized a scientific symposium entitled Zoonotic bacterial disease, delivered by Assistant Prof. Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Hammadi, a Professor at College of Education, Department of Life Sciences.

The symposium included a brief of bacterial diseases that are common with humans and animals, , the lecturer mentioned that animals were and are still raised for protection, transportation, or as a source of food. On the other hand, animals are considered a source of infection and a means of transmission of more than 250 infectious diseases known as joint diseases, which can be defined as a group of diseases that affect animals and can be transmitted to humans and in different ways, these diseases may occur in the form of individual cases such as infection with Salmonella or collectively such as the Brucellosis epidemic or known as the Malta fever, as well as TB disease, Anthrax, Glanders and plague. … etc.

The symposium aims to know the proper ways to control and prevent common diseases

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