(ARID) Platform honors An Academic at Al Iraqia University with Medals

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Iraq, Assistant Professor Dr. Muwaffaq Shi’ite Alwan won two medals from the first scientific platform (ARID) because he is an initiator and the second is that he is an active member in the activities of the same scientific platform 2020.

Alwan indicated that the platform has awarded him medals to participate in the international scientific forum that he held in partnership with Al Iraqia University, as well as to those who participate annually at least one activity in the activities organized by the International Platform such as seminars, conferences, workshops, lectures, scientific forums, exhibitions, Reflecting the researcher’s personality and communicative interest in increasing knowledge, and building research relationships with scientists, experts and researchers.

He added that the (ARID) platform is an international non-profit scientific platform in which a number of researchers, experts and scholars who speak Arabic language participate, with the aim of sharing , exchanging experiences, and keeping abreast of developments in various fields in order to achieve growth and development in Arab society.



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