Development and Continuing Education Center Competency Courses

Development and Continuing Education Center at AlIraqia University presents you best regards and informs you of the following:

1-Applicants names of the competency courses, which will take place next Sunday, 4/26, will be published tomorrow evening.

  1. All applicants for the aforementioned courses must download Google classroom program – toparticipate the course, you will send code for entering the program to the applicants, either through the e-mail sent or through the messenger.
  2. Notice: These courses are for masters and doctorate applicants in Iraq only.
  3. Test date will be determined after the end of the current crisis.
  4. Date (hour) of English language courses and computers will be fixed tomorrow, Wednesday,
  5. Attendance in the electronic room is mandatory and will take attendance and names for each trainee by the subject trainer daily, participant will receive 10 marks for each day of his attendance at the course.

7-Ladies and gentlemen wishing to apply for the mentioned courses: complete information should be sent as indicated by Admin.

  1. We apologize for the delay in receiving information and requests to join due to the large number wanting to join.
  2. For all who have completed competency courses inside the center before the curfew and did not perform the test, another date for their tests will be set later, according to the applicable special numbers for each trainee.